Driveline Kit

Tired of the “CLUNK” when you shift? Avenger Performance is proud to announce it’s new Yamaha YXZ 1000R rear drive line upgrade. The new unit fixes the inherit problems that the YXZ drive line has with its factory drive line. Built with larger 1.75” 4130 chromoly tubing and the replacement of the rear weak splines with a massive CV. Kit comes with everything needed for the conversion and is “bolt in”. Great for turbo and big horse power enhanced applications as well as those how want miles of trouble free performance.


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The YXZ factory driveline has three inherent problems!
1️⃣ The front splines that goes into the transmission are not cut properly to the socket assembly.
2️⃣ The tubing is 1 1/2” mild steel and the pieces that it is welded to is hardened steel, so the weld rips from the tubing.
3️⃣ The rear spline section is very weak and small compared to the horse power Output of the factory car, that along with pour grease applied and improper maintenance, makes this driveline not desirable. .

So… we designed and manufactured a solution!

Our driveline is made out of better quality materials. The splines are properly cut so there is no lash in the socket assembly. Say goodbye to the “clunk” noise!?

Also our 1 3/4” chromoly tubing diameter is greater, allowing for more weld and a stronger overall unit. the rear spline section has been replaced with a automotive style CV joint for miles of carefree use and abuse.

Best of all our driveline is a direct replacement and bolts into the vehicle with no modifications.


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